Medieval Furniture V6.2 Addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.30+

Medieval Furniture Addon

Enhance your Minecraft environment with a medieval flair. The Medieval Furniture Addon brings in a variety of default-textured blocks like tables, comfy chairs, and a diverse selection of furniture, enhancing your gaming journey.

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This addon introduces a wealth of new wooden blocks, encompassing chairs, tables, and various furniture pieces. Each block is compatible with resource packs, featuring meticulously crafted 3D models. Some blocks seamlessly incorporate textures from Minecraft, providing an immersive medieval furniture experience for embellishing your abodes.

The addon is compatible with version 1.20.30 and subsequent releases. While you can experiment with the addon on older versions, certain blocks may not function correctly.

To use the addon, activate experimental gameplay in the map settings. When sharing on social networks, remember to credit and provide the link to this page—avoid using direct links.

Remember that you can remove any item from the blocks by doing Shift + Right Click.


New items for the basket.


You can interact with the following items.

Items allowed in the basket

Basket Crafting Recipe

New 3D models and more items for boxes.


You can interact with the following items.

Items allowed in the wooden box.

Box Crafting Recipe

New items for barrels.


You can interact with the following items.

Items allowed in the barrel.

Barrel Crafting Recipe

New 3D models and more items for the bowls. Added quantities, you can accumulate up to 4 items.


You can interact with the following items.

Items allowed in bowls.

Bowl Crafting Recipe

Modification to the tall cabinet items, potions can now be added. The 3D model of the books changed and a new interface was added.

Tall Cabinet

Tall cabinet, inventory size

Tall cabinet  Crafting Recipe

New 3D model of the hanging chandeliers.

Hanging chandelier

Hanging chandelier Crafting Recipe

Chains added.


Chains Crafting Recipe

Candle holders added.

Candle holder

Candle holder, crafting recipe

The cookie jar was added, You can place up to 12 cookies.

Cookie jar

Cookie jar, crafting recipe

Sofas were added.


Sofa crafting recipe

New decorative blocks for cartography.

Decorative blocks for cartography

Hourglass crafting recipe

Globe crafting recipe

Map crafting recipe

Quill crafting recipe

Added a fish dryer.

Fish dryer

Fish dryer crafting recipe

New stove added. To activate the oven, you must place any wooden log and then light it with a lighter. You can place the meats on the left and they will cook every 5 seconds. It is still in beta phase, some features may not work correctly.


Stove on

Cooking items

Added a Scarecrow.


Scarecrow crafting recipe

Added beer barrel and beer mug. You can use the beer mug to interact with the beer barrel, and the beer will start filling the mug.

Beer barrel

Beer mug

Beer barrel crafting recipe

Beer mug crafting recipe

Added large barrels.

Large barrel

Large barrel crafting recipe

Added wine bottles.

Wine bottle

Wine bottle crafting recipe

New book shelves added.

Book shelves

You can interact with the following items.

Items allowed on the book shelf.

Book shelf crafting recipe

Hanging wooden chandeliers have been added. You can interact with both soul lanterns and regular lanterns to hang them from this chandelier.

Wooden hanging chandeliers.

Wooden hanging chandeliers crafting recipe.

New signs added, Shift + Right Click to add directional arrows.


You can interact with the following items.

Items allowed on signs

Sign crafting recipe

Mailbox added. Use a piece of paper to claim it; only you can access its inventory. Other players can throw items to deliver them to you through the mailbox.


Mailbox crafting recipe

Easels added.


Easel crafting recipe

The pendulum clock has been added. It features built-in sounds and displays the in-game time in real-time.

Grandfather clock

Grandfather clock crafting recipe

The Iron Throne, inspired by Game of Thrones, has been added.

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne, crafting recipe

Stacked wood has been added. You can interact with the item to add more wood.

Stacked wood

Stacked wood crafting recipe

Remember to disable recipe unlocking to get the recipes in survival.

Disable recipe unlocking

Experiments | Add-on Creators

Experiments | Add-on Creators


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  1. It looks so beautiful I love this addon(⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)

  2. Lootlabs links not working (the site can't be reached).
    Linkvertise has never worked for me(It's always stuck on loading)

    1. it was like that for me for a while but i just turned off AVG and it worked

  3. Please contact me by email to provide you with better support:

  4. this is one of my favorite add-ons ever!! but how do i use the carts? lol

    1. First you have to tame the horse, then you can place the cart. I hope it helps.

  5. Doesn't work on aternos or any multiplayer realms.

    1. It asbolutely works on realms server. Don't know what your issue might be?

  6. so, I have a problem. I’m running a realm with my friends, and this mod keeps on crashing my whole game. Once we figured out that it was this mod that crashed my game, we removed it- which was very sad- since I adore building, and this just enhanced the whole thing. It was for some reason whenever I hit the / button- even on phone. I could tap the chat button, and I could do whatever. But the second I typed /, it’d kick me. On computer- I use / to open chat, so I can’t really even chat on the mc chat.

    1. Hello, I just published version 6.2 and it should no longer cause so much lag (except when opening the inventory but it is because there are many items) and it should not crash anymore

  7. Game crashes every time I try to use the work bench...

  8. When i create a world with your settings, my game crash while world starting what i do ?

  9. Do you have a Discord server for the mod? I really wanted to play with this mod, but every time I open it in my world in MCPE the game crashes, could you teach me how to make the mod lighter or how to download only some content and not the entire mod, as it is too heavy for me and many other people who would like to play