Instant Houses V3.1 Addon Minecraft Bedrock 1.21.0

Instant Houses V3.0

This is an addon that adds 14 houses and 2 mansions that you can generate with one click. It also includes lighting blocks, all of which can be found in the creative inventory. This addon is compatible with all versions after 1.20.30.

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To see all the changes in this new version, you can watch the video below.

To obtain houses in survival, find the real estate agent spawning in the plains biome. Small houses sell for 32 emeralds, large ones for 64, and mansions for 16 emerald blocks.

Real estate agent

Real estate agent trades

Two new tools and a new block have been added for building houses.

The marking block is used to delineate the area where the house will be constructed. It is crafted as follows.

Marker Block crafting recipe

The marking tool is used to mark the area where the house will be built. This tool generates several marking blocks around the designated construction area. It is crafted as follows.

Marker Tool crafting recipe

Marking the area with the marking tool

The builder's tool is used to generate houses. It is crafted as follows.

Builder's Tool crafting recipe

The 8 houses added in this version are as follows:

House #0

House #1

House #2

House #3

House #4

House #5

House #6

House #7

Experiments | Add-on Creators

Experiments | Add-on Creators


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  1. hi, im new to this game, may i known how to destroy a house instantly after generate it, thanks

    1. Well houses cannot be destroyed instantly. You can use a fill command in the area where the construction was generated.

  2. The RP installs the BP

  3. Hi everyone, the duplicate BP bug has already been solved

  4. Hey, can it be used to build whatever house I want?

  5. did not work did not have build tool or mark tool could not place one of them down