Complement Doors Addon V2.1 for MCPE

Complement Doors Addon

Hello everyone! I'm excited to introduce the "Complement Doors" addon for Minecraft Bedrock, which adds over 150 doors crafted from the 10 available wood types in the game. This addon is now in version 2.1 and offers two modifications: an animated version and a non-animated version, compatible with game versions 1.20.30 and above.

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The Complement Doors Addon transforms the way you use doors in Minecraft. Each wood type, from oak to crimson, features unique doors that can be obtained by placing Vanilla doors in the stonecutter. This mechanic not only simplifies the crafting process but also allows you to explore and utilize the variety of styles and colors each wood type offers.

Complement Doors

In version 2.1, we removed the carpenter's table used in previous versions, streamlining the process of obtaining doors through the stonecutter. Additionally, you can now choose between two versions of the addon: one with animations, adding a dynamic touch to your builds, and another without animations, ideal for those who prefer a smoother gameplay experience or have performance-limited devices.

Complement Doors Recipes

This addon is compatible with Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.30 and above. To use "Complement Doors," make sure to activate experimental gameplay in the map settings. Explore new possibilities and personalize your builds with these beautiful doors!

I hope you enjoy this addon as much as I enjoyed creating it! If you share this addon on any social media, please provide a link to this page.


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